Garden Consultation

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A Garden Consultation is when I work with a client to create a plan for their garden that makes them happy and works within their budget.  A typical consultation session takes an hour or two.  We walk around the garden, while I take notes and answer any garden questions.  If desired a personalised site plan can be produced detailing my recommendations.  


Wherever possible,I try to focus on organic, low maintenance, and low water need gardens.  Whether it's a flower, vegetable or shrub garden, my ultimate goal is to make the client happy.  I mainly specialise in ornamentals be it herbaceous borders or a woodland garden.

Anyone can use a Garden Advisor - the novice to the advanced gardener, the DIYer to the person who would prefer to have someone else do the work.  


What can a Garden Advisor do for you?


-Work with you to get a sense of who you are, your lifestyle and your goals for your dream garden

-Help you to know the right plant is in the right place with proper soil and sunlight

-Ensure that your gardening efforts will be successful and not waste money in the process

​-Tap into your own creativity and see your garden's potential

£35 per hour (plus £15 for a typed report).  

Garden Maintenance

Maintenance includes- weeding, pruning, dead-heading, training in climbers, mulching...All those tasks that need doing to keep your garden looking great.  £15 per hour.

Soft Landscaping

This involves helping you decide on the style of planting, colour combinations, calculating how many plants are needed, sourcing the plants, and finally getting them planted. £15 per hour

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